Ending on an Up Note: YOU are an Artist!

Small notes


Danielle Laporte’s The Fire Starter Sessions never fails to inspire me.  If I’m having one of those meh, humdrum, why-am-I-doing-this kind of days (not often), I can open this book to a random page, certain to find something to engage and uplift. Here’s a passage on creativity that every teacher should read aloud once a week:

“Being artful is pouring your soul into it.
When we’re giving our best, we’re artistic.
When we’re intentionally making something more beautiful, more understandable, more accessible, we’re artistic.
When we reach below the surface and bring something thoughtful forward, we’re being artistic. It’s happening all of the time.
When you’re bringing your whole self to the party, you’re practicing your art form. Be it in conversation, on the canvas, or on the court, when you’re creating something from your soul, you’re making poetry happen.”

—Danielle Laporte, The Fire Starter Sessions, Crown Archetype, New York…

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