Inner Whispers

I sat cross-legged on the floor, my eyes closed, and listened to my guru explaining: “Dharma is the path of righteousness,” she said. “It is doing the right thing.  Not the good thing.  Not the nice thing.  The right thing.”


As I sat in a comfortable chair in the Magic Johnson Theatre in Harlem with my sweet husband, watching  Hollywood’s telling of Jackie Robinson’s story unfold on the screen before me, I heard my guru’s voice again, reminding me…

There is a scene in the movie when Branch Rickey, the President of the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1946, explains why he felt compelled to integrate baseball.  He recounted how as a young man in college he had stood by silently as a talented fellow player, whose skin happened to be black, was blocked from attaining his potential by prejudice.  He confessed how he felt he could have done something, and…

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