Summer Festival in Japan

Is a Buddhist religious event where every family in Japan to prepare everything to welcome the spirits of the ancestors who lived for some time in their homes. A number of fire lighting installed around the house is a welcome speech. During the period of O-bon, the family put the offerings of fruits, etc., on the table offerings. In some areas as well, do bulk O-bon dances to the accompaniment of traditional musical instruments such as the number of taiko drums, sruling, etc. with a dynamic rhythm. In closing celebration, do pelarungan lanterns colorful little in the nearby river in a gang.


Is enjoying the beauty of the full moon party in the summer around mid-August. In the window which saw the full moon, laid special offerings. It is actually a form of nature worship by the farming community to obtain an abundant harvest.


Tenjin Matsuri (July 24 to 25) in Osaka
Is one of the great and famous festivals in Japan, starting around 1000. Thousands of people berarakan carry small temples o-mikoshi from the shrine Temmangu to Tenjin Bridge, then ride the boats and then performed ornamental fireworks.



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