Sapporo Beer Museum & Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

Japan? can believe it? sunflowers so beautiful :3

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sapporo beer museum

Closing my series of Sapporo related posts with two places I suggest to include on your city tour- Sapporo Beer Museum and Hokkaido University.

For a moment, let’s forget about the Clock Tower or Snow Festival and admit somehow that the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word Sapporo is beer.
sapporo beer museum & hokkaido university

True enough, Hokkaido is considered as the birthplace of beer in Japan, attributing to the regions climate and rich soil producing high qaulity hops. Even the distinct neon brights night advertisement of competing brands at Susukino somehow attest to how the beer company is very well alive and accepted as part of Hokkaido’s main industry.
sapporo beer museum & hokkaido university

Considered as one of Japan’s oldest and premier brewery company, Sapporo Breweries was established at Sapporo in 1876. These days, within the same land of the brewery facility is the Sapporo Beer Museum where enthusiast can learn more about…

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