A new species of bass to ignore your lure


The Cotton Boll Conspiracy

Choctaw Bass

The discovery of new animal species is unusual but certainly not earth-shatteringly rare.

Periodically, scientists will announce that a new variety of lemur has been found in Madagascar or a previously unknown spider has been located in a distant part of Sri Lanka or an unclassified frog has been uncovered in remote India.

Less common is finding a new species in a populated, scientifically advanced region such as the United States.

However, scientists in Florida last week announced that they came across a new species of black bass in the southeastern United States during a genetic study of fish in 2007, according to Field & Stream.

Researchers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission christened the species, found in the Chipola River, “Choctaw bass.”

The Chipola is a small tributary of the Apalachicola River that runs north-south along the middle of the Florida Panhandle.

Choctaw bass possess…

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City of Melbourne For Lease



Our internet has been down most of the day, actually it hasn’t been good for the last couple of days. Hopefully it is working a lot better now.  Though, I still struggled with an image for you today.  I need to go out and get more images.  What a day.  On top of all that it is freezing, well, it is the coldest day we have had for a long time.

For LeaseI love this building.  I have no idea when it was built, oh I have the internet back, I can check it out, hang on a minute.  Okay, I’m back, it was built in 1888.  It is such a distinctive building.  Though I don’t think the City of Melbourne Building Society have anything to do with it any more, actually I’m not sure they even exist anymore.  It sits on the corner of Elizabeth Street and Little Collins Street…

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Before They Lay Me Down to Sleep

before side


Last weekend up ended up very busy, and I didn’t get a chance to head over to the Bluestone that belongs to Deaf Children Australia.  I am hoping this weekend I will get a better chance.  So today I have more images for you from the inside.  Today I thought we might have a look at the boys dormitory.

The View Out the WindowImagine standing up next to your bed and looking out the window.  This is one of the views out of the window.  It would be a silent view, no birds would be heard or rustle of leaves.  Imagine being deaf, standing at this window looking out and dreaming you were out there.  No noises would affect you, the sounds of what was going on around you wouldn’t be a problem, you wouldn’t be able to hear them.  Nothing to disturb your thoughts.

I like this view, it gives you a…

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